Emergency service locksmith

Phone number : 0492.075.072

Door opening 24h / 24 - On site in 15 minutes Sometimes you forget your keys in the house and slam the door or lose your keys, we intervene in all these cases of door opening day and night and even the weekend. Our locksmith travels in 15 minutes to get you to your home as quickly as possible.

Emergency door opening cases Here are the different reasons why you will need a professional locksmith to open your door: - Door slammed with or without key on the lock - Locked door (lost or stolen keys) - Door blocked (impossibility to open the door with the key) - Old lock and therefore key that flu - Forced lock following attempt or burglary - Wrench broken in the barrel - Rod of a multi-point lock that has come loose - Problem with one of the locks

Fast service when opening a door Every day, you have your little routine: we take care of the children to bring them to school, we get ready to go to work etc ... and there, when leaving your home, you slam the door. Impossible for you to go home! A door slammed, keys lost or forgotten inside, it is an emergency case in which we must appeal to our professional locksmith. And because this seemingly innocuous situation is so frustrating, our locksmiths are there to reassure you and offer you fast, quality service. Plus, if you have home insurance, any door repairs will be taken care of and you will avoid unnecessary expenses, so you do not have to worry about anything!